All albums are now available on Bandcamp! Please check us out on Facebook for the most up to date information. All music purchases are now digital only through sites like Amazon and iTunes. About Afrit Temple

Dayanisma II Unity in Motion

On December 23 2019, Afrit Temple in collaboration with Dayanisma released a new album "Unity in Motion". It is now available for purchase via digital download only on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere. This album features 12 brand new tracks, along with 5 edits of previously released tracks.

Capra Soul

Afrit Temple's third studio album "Capra Soul" was released on January 20th 2019, and is now available for purchase as digital download on Bandcamp iTunes and Amazon.


Afrit Temple's second album "Suncaravan" was released in February of 2015 and is now available from Bandcamp and resellers such as Amazon and iTunes.


The debut album "Animatine" was released in January 2013, and is available. Buy digital downloads on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes, etc.


Afrit Temple is a Raleigh NC based acoustic and electronic project lead by Andrew Shakinovsky in the roles of composer, producer and performer. Most of the music is composed with dancers in mind, and features ethnic drumming and rhythms. Afrit Temple draws it's influences from Middle Eastern, medieval, world folk and early music. It is a studio project, as well as a live performance band, playing at local dance events and festivals, and collaborating with other musicians and artists. The project was started in 2006 with an emphasis on electronic music, but gradually started moving towards ethnic and acoustic sounds, while keeping some electronic elements.
Andrew Shakinovsky started out in electronic music, but became interested in Middle Eastern music and percussion. He took lessons on the oud, a Middle Eastern stringed instrument. He also started exploring and learning other instruments including hurdy-gurdy, Irish bouzouki, Turkish baglama, flute, and a variety of percussion. He is a founding member and still plays with The Lost Nomads, a Raleigh based Middle Eastern ensemble. He also collaborates with other local musicians on some experimental projects.
Monika Shakinovsky has been performing and teaching bellydance for years. She is known for her expressive style and using the music to tell a story through her dance. When not dancing, she plays hurdy-gurdy and percussion. More information about her can be found at electricshimmy.com
Andy Ruckert began studying Middle Eastern and free-style percussion in the mid-1990s. He has a love for many varied forms of music, especially the fusion of Middle Eastern and western musical flavors. He performs on davul, djembe, and darbuka, and also occasionally performs with The Lost Nomads.


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